It was born out of the search and the necessity to project self-expression, originality, comfort, luxury, and elegance, as well as the desire to be different and unique in a changing environment with a high demand for technology. The aim was to obtain the projection of a modern man of the XXI century and be transcended in time.

Each JH’s piece was inspired by key elements of Costa Rica, such as its culture, flora, fauna, and microclimates. Furthermore, the pieces were designed and handcrafted in Costa Rica, meeting the highest quality standards to obtain a unique and long-lasting product. The end result makes consumers aware of the rational and sustainable use of clothes and fashion, empowering them to take possession of their style, govern their tendencies, and enjoy life and the environment that surrounds us.

We work followign the slow fashion thinking, that represent all things “ECO”, “ETHICAL” and “GREEN” in one unified movement.